Mix & Match Quantities

Mix and match garments and get better price breaks.


If you order 100 garments with logo

Say 20 polo
20 sweat shirts
20 Trousers
20 jackets
20 shirts

Instead of paying the 10+ rate. We move you up to the 100+ rate

Contact Us for more details and to discuss your order.

Do you sponsor a local sports organisation?

Here you can save money and get money off your next order.

When you purchase work wear from us you will get 10% of the total of your invoice off your next purchase of Teamwear wear.

If you purchase €1,000 of product (ex vat) you will receive €100 credit from the purchase of Teamwear from Cuchulainn Teamwear. If you purchase Teamwear then you receive 10% off your next purchase of Workwear.

Visit our sister companies website www.cuchulainnsportswear.com to see full range of workwear available.

This Team wear is very well priced and will let your sponsorship go that much further.

Terms & Conditions applies to all special offers.

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